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She begged to be marked. Pleading, tears rolled down her cheeks, black trails. I barely knew her, just that she was married, unfulfilled on some level. Maybe guilty about some past transgression, or missed her daddy who used to beat … Continue reading

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Black Granny Panties

Blue eyes, I think, there is a definite red cast to the lights in the bar so you can’t really tell, could be green. “I bet all the girls just lay back legs spread when you come into a room,” … Continue reading

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Eyes of trouble

“What do you see in my eyes?” “Well, I see the optic nerve and your retina, it looks very normal…” “No, doctor look deeper, do you see my soul?” “I’m not sure what you mean, you have a slight case … Continue reading

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Writing in a Bar

Lost in my thoughts, writing a story on my iPhone, a voice beckons me back to solidity, “What are you writing?” Confused, I looked around and saw the barmaid looking over my shoulder, at my phone. Frowning back my irritation … Continue reading

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What make me a sadist?

What makes me a sadist? That’s a question I ask quite often. I guess I’ve always been somewhat of a sadist, and a touch of masochist. In the life they might call me a soft switch with a heavy trend … Continue reading

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