Ghost crabs

I hear the sounds of the beach, waves, gulls, I hear kids shouting and shrieking playfully.

Through the crack of my eyes I see white impossibly bright white light, through the blurry fog, two little boys one just a toddler, angry at his brother. Following behind, a tired chubby mom in a black one piece, a sun hat and pail in her hand, wicked sunburn on her chest.

Sitting up, head pounding, I look around, fuck, I’m still on the beach, laying back on my towel, close my eyes and try to disappear inside the raging headache that started behind my left ear.

It was all starting to come back to me. Slowly.

She was a big blond, German descent, you could still hear it in her voice. About 50, she was looking out at a guy fishing a hundred yards offshore in the chest deep surf. Intrigued by the shape of her plump ass, I stopped and asked if she was from here, saying i was in need of directions. she said, no, we just spend summers here. That’s when I heard the slight trace of a German accent. We live in Michigan, she offered, still looking out at the fisherman.

I was going to ask for directions to the nearest liquor store, just an excuse really, instead I said, looks like he’s having fun, with a nod to her fisherman husband.

Leaving her to her task I set off down the beach, only to hear her say from behind, every year it’s the same thing, all he wants to do is fish.

Turning I asked, what do you want to do?

A slight color came to her ruddy cheek and I could tell that she wanted to say something naughty, my inner beast could just sense it, instead she said, just have an adventure, anything besides fishing.

Sensing an opening and liking her large german ass, I said, I might be able to help you, then smiling my most charming smile.

Her green eyes widened a little as she nodded and said, what do you have in mind?

Have you ever hunted for ghost crabs? I said

Not recently, not since the kids stopped coming down with us.

This is different, it’s much better as adults and with some beverages and a blanket it can be quiet fun. Meet me here tonight at nine. Turning, I left her standing there.

I pedaled to the beach and was there at nine sharp, with a flashlight, blanket, a bucket of Mike’s hard lemonade and my flask full of 151 rum. The rum was for me.

She was early, standing at the top of the walkway, wearing a short black dress over a swimsuit. Her blonde hair done in a braid. The raccoon face from wearing sunglasses all day.

Smiling I reached out touching her waist as I kissed her sunburned lips, startling her at my bold move, let’s go hunting, I said.

We set our blanket up on the beach away from the crowds of kids scurrying up and down the beach, crazy flashlights darting to and fro as they shrieked at the tiny white crabs that came out at dark to feed in the surf. Walking a way down the beach, I reached to her neck and undid her suit top pulling it free and stashing it in my pocket. Her plump breasts fell to a natural angle and I could see in the moonlight that her nipples were erect.

Stopping I rounded her off and kissed her again, grinding my crotch into hers. She responded in kind as if starving for human contact. Sliding my hands under her skirt I slid her bottoms off and stowed those as well.

Reaching back up her skirt, my practiced hand unerringly found the wet slit of her cunt, at which time I felt her moan and at the same time collapse onto my fingers, willing them into her pussy.

We headed back to our blanket and I pulled off her dress, leaving her naked in the moonlight, the kids long gone, we lay down on the blanket and using my tongue and fingers I coaxed one, two three orgasms in short order.

Relaxing, she naked and me fully clothed, I opened the first mikes and handed it to her, I took another and sat back unzipping my pants. Looking at her there made my cock grow our pasty shorts and taking the hint, Heidi leaned over and took me in her mouth, sitting back with a cold one, waves crashing in the moonlight, warm mouth sucking my cock. It was a good vacation.

Later after fucking and we sat back and talked about life, her story, her husband, the growing apart. After a while she said she had to get going, and put on her dress and left.

Sitting back not ready to go, I pulled out my flask and started to drink in earnest. Girls like that were a blessing to me, the soulless beast, to feel some humanity, so warmth. It made the darkness pull back for an instant.

Draining the flask I lay back and looked at the stars, the moon just falling down to my left.

Then nothing.

The screech of a little boy, angry at his mom brings me out of my revelry, some sort of battle of the wills, the tired dark haired mom, in the black one piece is sitting a few yards away. She glances my way and smiles an apology. With my biggest smile on, I reply, it’s okay, I had boys too.

Do you live near here? I asked, fingering the bikini bottoms that are still in my pocket. The beast never rests.

© The Sleeping Beast, 2013



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3 Responses to Ghost crabs

  1. night owl says:

    Interesting … evening there, Beast. Lots of opportunities to make new friends, shake off some cobwebs, collect swimsuit bottoms.

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