She came out of the sun on a paddle board, standing straight and tall like flower stretching towards the morning sky.

I saw a pretty woman, athletic and fit, but the beast beside me saw an ancient greek god, Aphrodite, on the half shell.

He was strangely quiet for once. Gliding in she beached the board easily, the ocean as smooth as a millers pond.

Seeing me there she said hi, and me, hello, care for some water? Reaching into my backpack cooler I offered her a wet and cold bottle.

My being here was no accident, I’d seen her out there every morning willing her to come ashore so we could speak, this time I placed myself next to her beach chair, knowing she would have to come in eventually.

She said sure and took the water from my hand our fingers brushing for an instant.

That split second sent a bolt through the beast, tamed by her power as posiden’s himself, I’d never see the beast so deferential. We watched as she drank with gusto, a trickle traced the valley between her breasts.

We talked, her name Cytherea, Cindy, she was from Athens, Alabama.

We discovered a mutual love of art and the sea at morning, laying back she unhinged her top and let it fall off, then lifting her hips, slid the bottoms bottoms down and off her feet.

I hope you’re not offended by nudity, she said to my surprised expression. You and I are the only ones here and you look safe enough. I like my tan to be all over.

Nothing to fear from me, and the beast was awed by her power and ancient age, he waited quietly and respectfully.

Looking around I slipped my shorts off too, reveling a similar clothing optional tan. One more thing in common, she’s an exhibitionist like me, nice!

We sat side by side worshiping the sun, as I stole glancs at her perfectly tanned body taking note of shaved pussy and natural breasts that sagged pleasantly.

My cock was a perfect gentleman, which made me angry. Fucking beast, just when I might want a little size, it lay there limp and flaccid, in it’s natural unaroused state.

Maybe that’s why she reached over and gave it a little pat, then lifting it into her hand she gave me a sideways look as she leaned over. Calloused fingers, from the paddle, were replaced by soft lips as she took it into her practiced mouth. Suddenly spranging to life, it grew in her mouth. Sitting up she admired her handy work with a smile, my large throbbing cock held in her hand.

Now that’s better she said as she stepped over and straddled me face to face. she reached down and settled her warm tan vagina onto my erect member. Sliding up and down as the morning sun kissed the juncture of where goddess met beast. I was transported to a different place, I smelled flowers and seafoam.

In a moment it was over she taking my bucking ejaculation with a smile. Surprised, I usually took longer, but her intoxicating smell set me off like a teenager.

Carefully she disengaged and sat on her towel legs spread wide, dipping her fingers deep into her pussy, scooping out my cum and licking it off as she smiled at the sun.

When she was all clean she packed up her chair and dragged her board up the beach, heading east, her naked ass swaying, as an errant pearl of cum leaked down her leg.

Unable to move I sat there paralyzed as she disappeared into the morning sun.


The beast like a whimpering and crying like a puppy dog dragged me back every morning to the same spot, always hopeful, ultimately disappointed.

For days Cindy didn’t show, on the third day, she paddled up in a blinding white bikini, the symbolism not lost on the beast.

As she gracefully stepped off of the board and dragged it to the shore, the beast leapt. He set to devouring her, starting with her salty cunt.

© The Sleeping Beast, 2013


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  1. mirabella says:

    Cazzo love! Molto caldo! Enjoyed muchly! Grazie! Bells xxx

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