I read a book once, called how to select the sex of your child. Being blessed with two boys, I wanted a little girl. I had the name selected, Erin.

So of course, drawn I was to the section on making a girl baby. There was things on frequency and diet, but the one that stuck in my consciousness all these girl childless years is that the woman was more susceptible to birthing a girl, and science has shown the female ALWAYS is in control even at the single cell level, if she was unfulfilled. An orgasmless girl generally only allowed girl sperm to enter the egg. See the woman only has the girl part, relying on the guy to provide either half for her ultimate sub cellular selection.

Well I can think you, my intelligent reader, can tell where this is headed. I never got my girl baby.

I’m not trying to brag, but I play the female instrument like a virtuoso, but sometimes the instrument makes the musician. And I, dear reader, played a stradivariois, this woman could sing, she could cum and she was beautiful.

So now in my ancient age, I see a man and a woman and a bunch if cute little girls and the beast’s nose comes alive at the scent of prey, an unfulfilled woman. Yummy.

But I’ll never forget my first and greatest instrument.

© The Sleeping Beast, 2013

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