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Even in my sleep the beast stirs, does battle with my conscious self. Last night I dreamt of a coworker, she was going to accompany me on a business trip, but for some inexplicable reason she first had to give … Continue reading

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Ghost crabs

I hear the sounds of the beach, waves, gulls, I hear kids shouting and shrieking playfully. Through the crack of my eyes I see white impossibly bright white light, through the blurry fog, two little boys one just a toddler, … Continue reading

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She begged to be marked. Pleading, tears rolled down her cheeks, black trails. I barely knew her, just that she was married, unfulfilled on some level. Maybe guilty about some past transgression, or missed her daddy who used to beat … Continue reading

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Writing in a Bar

Lost in my thoughts, writing a story on my iPhone, a voice beckons me back to solidity, “What are you writing?” Confused, I looked around and saw the barmaid looking over my shoulder, at my phone. Frowning back my irritation … Continue reading

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